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Unlock Microsoft Copilot's full potential with our comprehensive deep-dive sessions focused on Copilot security, licensing, and advanced use cases.

Navigating Microsoft Copilot Licenses
Prerequisites, Plan Options and Features
What insights will I gain?
Explore Licensing and Pricing: Uncover the variety of license options, costs, and associated business scenarios.
Dive into Plan Features: Examine Copilot plan features and their alignment with your needs.
Optimizing Costs: Find the right balance of spend, security, and features.
Ideal for IT professionals aiming to enhance productivity with Microsoft Copilot.

Mastering Microsoft Copilot Security

Best Practices for Secure Deployment

What insights will I gain?

Recognizing Risks: The ability to recognize the risks associated with large language model AI technologies.  

Preparing Sensitive Data: Implementing and managing data sensitivity labels.

Auditing Protocols: Guidance on setting up protocols to track Copilot use.

Ideal for those in security, privacy, or compliance aiming to enhance their Copilot proficiency.    

Advanced Use Cases + Expert-Level Tips

Accelerating Innovation & Efficiency with AI

What insights will I gain?  

Copilot Capabilities: Insights into functionalities and strategic benefits. 

Advanced Use-Cases: Real-life examples of Copilot's application in various industries.

Process Improvement: Practical takeaways on adopting Copilot.

Ideal for tech leaders, AI enthusiasts, and those looking to improve their operations with Copilot.

 70% of Copilot users said they were more productive, 68% reported it improved the quality of their work, and 67% used the time saved to focus on more important work.

Take your business to the next level with AI. Speak to an expert today.

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