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How to Lead Your Remote or Hybrid Workforce 

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, business leaders from across North America joined New Charter Technologies and Partner MSPs for a live webinar to discuss the best strategies to engage remote and hybrid teams and the tools that organizations can leverage to help build organizational trust, increase productivity, and drive long-term success.    

Global events, such as Covid-19, have drastically accelerated digital transformation and leadership teams must make decisions now on how they will adapt and evolve in order to meet the growing needs of the market. Speakers address questions from the audience on cross-functional communication in hybrid and remote workplaces, security best practices, and more.

You'll learn about the following:

  • Workplace trends​
  • Strategies to keep your company culture intact while working remotely   ​
  • Tips on how to successfully onboard remote team members  ​
  • How to combat digital burnout​
  • Hybrid and remote performance management 
  • Collaboration and security tools for remote and hybrid work​



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Learn about the Speakers

Chance Weaver

Chance Weaver, CEO at I.T. Responsive

Chance Weaver is passionate about the Microsoft practice area at I.T. Responsive. He understands the unique challenges that modern workplaces face and the importance of implementing the right collaboration tools.

Mitch Morgan circle

Mitch Morgan, CEO at New Charter Technologies

Mitch Morgan is passionate about helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals through strategic technology applications.


The time for Digital Transformation is now. 


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